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Travel Cash Cards UK (1) - Best Travel Cash Cards

01 - 08

Caxton FX Linkmeto UK Uses Reviews found. Score 5/5.
Editor's note: Do you travel? Do you need to carry cash with you when you travel? Have you ever heard about currency cards? Currency cards are in my opinion rather useful to carry money with you (without carrying too much cash). I use one currency card, CaxtonFX. I have had a CaxtonFX card for a few years and it has always worked brilliantly. Having no fees when you pay for things or withdraw cash is great. Loading your card online is quick, so all you need is Internet access or a text message to recharge your card if you need. It is safer than carrying cash, gives very good exchange rates and is cheaper than using many debit or credit cards abroad. CaxtonFX make their money by the exchange rate difference rather than from fees.
Best Exchange Rates on a Travel Money Card and International Payments. Award winning Currency Cards. Open your Free account today. Best Value on the market.

ICE Travellers Cashcard Reviews found. Score 5/5.
Why not consider a pre-paid travel cashcard. ICE Travellers Cashcard, in Euros, US Dollars or GBP Pounds, is fee free with cashback...

Get the best exchange rates with FairFX. Order your foreign currency on a Prepaid MasterCard, buy next day Travel Cash or send money abroad for free with FairPay.

Metro Bank - Debit or Credit Card abroad
At Metro Bank we offer the very best in service and convenience. As part of our commitment to our customers, our international debit and credit card transactions are completely free in Europe and our rates in the rest of the world offer outstanding value.

Post Office Travel Money Card Plus
The Post Office Money Travel Money card is available in 8 currencies and can be used abroad with no fees (excluding sterling cards).

AA Euro and Worldwide (Sterling) Travel Currency MasterCard® Prepaid Cards
The AA Euro and Worldwide (Sterling) Travel Currency MasterCard® Prepaid Cards provide a secure and convenient way to manage your money while abroad:

Cash Passport
Cash Passport prepaid travel money card is the safe, secure and convenient way to carry your holiday travel money. With no links to your bank account, and with Chip and PIN security, Cash Passport prepaid travel money card is safer than travellers cheques.

Choose from different travel money cards and buy one of the best prepaid travel cards available. Get prepaid currency cards from my Travel Cash.

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